It’s December, the “holiday season”, and I hope you all know what that means… it’s XXX-MAS! *holiday airhorn*

I’ll be doing my gift exchange again this year! That means that if you buy me something from my wishlist, I’ll send you a VERY naughty video of me that’s exclusively for you, my not so secret Santa! You won’t be able to get this video any other way, and I won’t EVER be posting it publicly. (It’s a damn good one this year, too!) Just email proof that you’ve purchased something from my list to before midnight on xmas eve to receive your video gift!

Also this year, I made cards! I dressed Dagny and I up in dumb sweaters and we took a cute photo. I honestly think she hates me now but, we look super cute and whatever she’ll fuckin live. Each card will be personally signed by both of us! It also includes a random nude Polaroid of me to sweeten the deal. And I’ll be donating a portion of the profits to the East Los Angeles Women’s Center. You can get the card here

I hope everyone has a wonderful xxxmas! May your holiday have many ho’s!